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Restaurant Flamingo Launches New Web Site

Company Shisha Shop Releases New Website

Shisha Shop unveils a brand new website, aimed at offering an array of innovative online services.

The new website presents Shisha Shop’s service offerings and provide customers and visitors with powerful ability to stay abreast of latest development in the industry straight from one of the most respected organization in the field thanks to its expanded news section, RSS feeds and on click subscription to your favorite news aggregator. The new website also allow visitors to request free instant quotes online for products and services as well as securely pay through a safely encrypted connection.

Shisha Shop’s website also incorporate the latest E commerce website builder in the market: SEOTOASTER. A leading open source CMS (content management system) that is also extremely easy-to-use with its inline edition and intuitive environment. SEOTOASTER's Internet marketing feature set can be further enhanced with a SEO Samba’s inbound marketing software subscription which also enables Internet marketing for multiple websites from a central interface. Michel Leconte, SEO Samba's CEO, comments “The SEOTOASTER team is proud to now power Shisha Shop's website. It is a great pleasure and pride to welcome them aboard. Our open source technology will naturally increase their website visibility in the search engine rankings, starting with Google, but also Bing and Yahoo. Our priority is helping small businesses and e-merchants achieve high visibility with search engines with an affordable search engine optimization solution. This goal is part of all the product's facets including the shopping cart and our integration of micro-format into SEOTOASTER to entice Google to display rich snippets for your website’s products listings."

About Shisha Shop

Shisha Shop can be contacted at - , Delaware 19934, Spojené státy or on the web at


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